Free Album of Unreleased Ambient Music

2013-06-30 16:01:49 by SineRider

Hello NG,
I put together a little collection of my unreleased music into a album for download over at my bandcamp page

A lot of these songs are ones I started with plans to include them on an album somewhere or just for fun. Some date back to 2009 and a few from earlier this year. I tried my best to make it flow together nicely as an album. It's not just a collection of tracks with huge contrast. There is a little over an hour of music and 15 tracks.

Worn Out Tape
Ghost Town
Fall Into Place
Someday I'll Be
Midnight Lullaby
Variations 3
Twinkle, Twinkle
Seeking Fog
Geiger Counselman
Another One Down IV
Possibly, One Day

Total Time: 67:45 Minutes

Free Album of Unreleased Ambient Music


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2013-07-01 16:24:20

I was craving for more ambient music lately, I literally demagnetized all of my Tangerine Dream and Tim Hecker CDs!

SineRider responds:

Haha awesome, I love both of them. Have you ever listened to Oneohtrix Point Never? Good stuff eE5Xs5IjA


2013-08-04 14:02:18

how are you able to consistently produce top quality music?


2013-08-18 17:45:06

How many sines must man ride down?


2013-08-27 21:30:18

Fucking sweet dude.