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Spinning Circles

Posted by SineRider - March 20th, 2012

My new ambient album "Spinning Circles" is out for download over at BFW Recordings and my bandcamp page. Check it out! c:

Spinning Circles is an exploration of sound timbre. Each song presents a small motif that's repeated and built upon. Almost every sound was recorded or run through a handheld cassette recorder, then compiled and manipulated into what you hear.

1. Snowfall
2. They Look
3. Bowed
4. Dusted
5. Longer Now
6. Sine Cone
7. Where I Go
8. Doubt It
9. Bloop Waltz
10. Spinning Circles
11. Lofi Bossa

Check out the video for the track Spinning Circles as well

In other news, I have a short EP almost ready for a side project. It will be primarily guitar/bass/drumset based rather than electronic. In the style of Aerial M, Castevet, and American Football. No idea when it will be ready though

Spinning Circles

Comments (9)

Uuh, awesome! I will surely leave a review here :D

It's an interesting project.

I like how you are still being influenced by minimalist sound designers and ambient structures alike. Reminiscent of works like "Selected Ambient Works Vol. II" and "Ambient 4: On Land", it vaguely reminds me of some "Ghosts I-IV" tracks and even Steve Roach, especially the beatless, texture-only tracks. Well, this album is only texture. A droning wall of sound, just like the old days.
I can also hear very subtle touches of industrial here and there, on track #3 and #4, and the electronic flavor persists still in the remaining 30 or so minutes.

Like you said, it's an exploration of sound timbre - a mere experiment in the name of sound manipulation and the worlds our imagination can craft. However, while the atmosphere remains quite meditative and lucid dream-like, I feel it only scratches the surface of a much deeper reality. That is, its execution buries the beautiful worlds those track can truly give birth to. The minimalist soundscapes, the simple melodies and drones, the downtempo... they indeed contribute in creating a chilling, abstract, relaxing atmosphere, but it barely manages to be emotional, deep, immersive and memorable. Speaking of your works, I can compare it to your breakthrough album, "Binary Flowers". It is time to move forward and expand what you already have ;)

Score: 7/10


Thanks for the review man, it was quite thought-provoking for me. Especially the ending. I think I have found myself in a spot where I can keep making similar sounding music with no trouble. Creating this album wasn't much of a challenge in coming up with ideas. The challenge came with the recording process which takes much more time than just fiddling with software synths.

I feel I focused much more time on the timbre and atmosphere rather than using those techniques to enhance my musical ideas.


whatd it cost?

it's just a loner from my uncle. He just bought a new full size one, with a double neck sorta like this http://www.pedalsteelresources.co m/nov1.jpg

omg it's like a full blown pedal steel, it looks like, incredible

I'm gonna bug you to do pedal steel parts for me every day now

Actually you know what, it would be pretty cool if you could just play anything over this wip and let me know how it sounds (165 BPM and just goes between E minor and A major) <a href="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1655625/Output%201-2.wav">http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1655625/Output%201-2.w av</a> feel free to not do that too of course haha

sure i'll give it a shot, I can't guarantee it'll sound great since I'm still getting used to playing it. Just got it yesterday, but haven't had a good chance to really get a hang of it. I'll shoot you a PM when I get something recorded, either tonight or sometime tomorrow

Cool vid for some cool tunes, man.

Should've named it Spinning Dicks.

Neat stuff, Siner :P